Hosting During The Holidays

Although I love the Holiday Season, hosting any type of party is one of the most stressful part of this time of year. This year, you can say goodbye to those stressful times thanks to Cricut Joy! With Cricut Joy™, it's super simple to create custom cards, labels, and personalized decals. Every year, I love making a hot cocoa bar for a holiday brunch and so I decided to create the ultimate cocoa bar with the Cricut Joy! Plus they have now made it easier then ever thanks to the bluetooth feature! Simply connect your Cricut to your phone or computer and have fun creating.

The Bar Sign

Using the machine, I created a little sign using different designs offered on the Cricut App. They have such a variety of stencils to choose from and you can even design your own customized one. Even if you do decide to use their designs, you can customize the size and positioning like I did for this sign!

The Hot Cocoa Bar Labels

I decided to have hot cocoa, marshmallows and candy canes/peppermint bark available for the hot chocolate bar. I had to create 3 different labels and I used designs they have on their app.

Cute Plate Decal

As well using the Cricut vinyl material, I was able to create some cute decals to place on a plate for the cookie display. Honestly, it is such a cute idea and even gift idea to give friends!

Although I used the Cricut Joy for a hot cocoa bar, you can use it for literally anything from Christmas cards to place tags and much more. For all you artsy people out there, this is your new best friend this Holiday season.

Happy Holidays!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

December 15, 2021