Tulip Field Adventures with Lincoln

With the pandemic still being very much present today, we are limited in what we can do to enjoy the nice weather we've been having. Thanks to Lincoln Canada, I was able to explore the beautiful Tulip Field in Boucherville. A must to appreciate the arrival of Spring!!!

I was able to test the Lincoln Aviator 2021 for the past week and I must say I'm in love with it! Although it is a pretty big car, there are so many features available to make driving it super easy. First of all, on the screen, you are able to visualize your positioning (top view and back view) in order to help you park. As well, there is a parallel parking assistant button which parks the car for you if you aren't confident. But with size also comes comfort. The Lincoln Aviator is the definition of luxurious, from its wireless phone charger to the comfort of the seats to the space available for each passenger in the car (even those in the 3rd row since yes I could have fit 6 people in the car haha).

Finally, the Lincoln Aviator 2021 vehicle , has a system called Lincoln Way 2.0 which you connect to your phone and can be used to remote start, unlock and lock your car all on you phone. How cool is that? It also provides information on the weather and near gas stations or food options.

And now we are off, to start our Tulip Adventure Day!!!

Our first stop of the day was of course, coffee! Anyone actually surprised?! I've recently discovered this cute place in Saint-Lambert called Cafe Pistache. The perfect place to grab a coffee and continue driving to get to our final destination, The Tulip Field! 

After our little coffee break, we finally arrived at the Tulip Field. Being one of the only activities we can do for Spring, there was already so many people at 10AM so I suggest you get there right at opening hours if you are planning on visiting very soon! But it is totally worth it!

Don't be fooled, I photoshopped all the people out hahaha!

It is definitely a picture worthy adventure! So many different colored tulips and you can even pay a small fee to pick 24 tulips! Let's be honest thanks to the Lincoln Aviator 2021, I could have probably left with the whole tulip field haha! but don't worry I left some for other people! haha!!!

I definitely loved my experience with the Lincoln Aviator 2021! If you are looking into purchasing a vehicle soon be sure to check them out fr.lincolncanada.com ! This is definitely the picture car for all the summer road trips ahead!

Safe Travels!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

May 15, 2021