Welcome to Le Refuge, a blog all about coffee, food, lifestyle and travel.

Hiii! My Name is Megan. I am an International business and marketing student at JMSB. I currently live in Montreal and have travelled to more than 20 countries all around the world.

I started blogging in August 2018 because of my love for coffee, food and travel. Through blogging I also discovered my love for photography which have helped me become a freelance photographer for many restaurants & events in Montreal such as

  • Mtl à Table
  • Happening Gourmand
  • EAT agency
  •  Brasserie 701
  • And many more

The concept behind Le Refuge or as you may call it a hideaway is to find places where you feel safe and at home. I found my refuge through food and travelling.

A Foodie since forever, follow me on my journey to find the best restaurants & coffee shops around the world and in my hometown Montreal. Also, find my secret homemade recipes here.

Thank you for supporting Le Refuge.