Brunch at Tommy

Tommy originally had only one location on street Notre-Dame. One of the most instagrammable coffee shops I've seen. Recently, like a year ago, they opened a second location at 151, St-Paul Street W in old Montreal. At this location, they still serve their coffee but also offers brunch items, lunch items and desserts. Here is the menu: tommy-cafe. Sure enough, this location is typical Tommy aesthetic: modern yet fifty's design with a little victorian touch. It is the perfect spot to grab a coffee, a brunch with friends or a lunch meeting. They are open daily from 9 am to 8 pm. During the summertime, they don't have a terrasse but they open the 2 big windows in front of the restaurant that give you a view of the streets in the Old Port.

Of course, me loving their coffee shop, we decided to try out this place. The first time I went, I got the ricotta toast and I loved it (but didn't snap a picture before eating... whoops). The second time, we shared the Bageldictine Vert which had a poached egg, avocado and a pesto hollandaise, plus the Gauffres dorées which had fruits, maple syrup and marshmallows. We both loved the Gauffres dorées wich was not too sweet and the portion sized just perfect. On the other hand, we weren't the biggest fan of the Bageldictine. It sounded amazing but the flavours weren't there when we tasted it. I love this spot and will 100% go again. A perfect place for brunch and lunch, but would not get the Bageldictine again.

Gauffres dorées with fruits, maple syrup, marshmallows and whipped cream & green Bageldictine

As for there OG location at 200 Notre-Dame W street, I just love it. It is so cute with all the greenery inside and is a great place to study. But, I have to say, it is extremely hard to find a seat. It is a popular cafe and so many people go to visit or study. During the summertime, you can sit on the steps outside where they put little cushions. They serve coffee, lunch/brunch items and they have different pastries. If you go and they have their Nutella Bomboloni available, you must get it. It is so good!

Brownie and mocha

Great coffee, and great people! A must when visiting Montreal!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

January 19, 2020