Charleston Trip

The perfect place for any kind of weekend getaway! Whether you're with family, just with your better half or with friends, there is something for everyone in Charleston. From the pretty houses to the amazing food to even the flowers it's a must visit!


Where To Stay

While in Charleston we stayed at the French Quarter Inn located in the Historic portion of Charleston. One of my favorite hotel experiences I've had in my life! The staff, the service and the amenities make this place worth every penny. When you first arrive, they give out a glass of champagne to welcome you as well as bottles of water (which is great considering the heat). As well, every day they serve breakfast on their beautiful terrace, have a happy hour with cheese, charcuterie and a glass of wine included and serve cookies and milk every night before bed. Finally, they have a candy and chocolate open bar where you can go and just grab what you want!

The waterfront park is located just 4 to 5 blocks away from the Inn where you can go sit by the water or go see the famous pineapple fountain. The Inn also has complimentary bikes you can borrow to navigate through the city which is honestly a must whenever you are here!

What To Do

  • Walking or Biking around in Historic Charleston

Anywhere you go you will see beautiful houses & flowers! So you really can't go wrong with going pretty much anywhere in Historic Charleston. However, here are some typical spots people like to go to for classic photos: Rainbow Row, Pineapple Fountain, Waterfront Park Pier, Bedons Alley, The Battery.

Bedons Alley
  • Shopping on King St

If you are looking for cute souvenirs to bring back home this is definitely the street to go to! We discovered this beautiful candle shop which is definitely a must stop shop if you are as obsessed as I am with candles (candlefish).

  • Visit Plantations

One of the most popular things to do and must in my opinion is visiting at least one of the Charleston plantations in the area. There are 2 we had identified: Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens (gardens & Landscapes) and Magnolia Plantations & Gardens. We only had time to visit the Magnolia Plantation & Gardens which was beautiful. They are open everyday from 9am until 5pm. We only took the tickets for the Historic Garden Walk (10$/adult) since we only really wanted to visit the gardens but you can also do many different tours including the house and a slavery to freedom tour.

  • Spend the day at the beach (Station 18 Beach)

With such beautiful weather we decided to spend a morning out at the beach and I was honestly surprised by the beauty of this place and the soft sand similar to beaches in Florida! It is definitely something fun to do when you don't have access to a pretty beach easily like here in Montreal. Be mindful of the wind though because you will get sand everywhere in your stuff if you simply place them on a towel! 

Nothing beats a good ice cream to cool down on a hot summer day! Their ice cream are all homemade and made with local ingredients. I took the flight which is four mini (but not so mini) scoops of the flavors of your choice! It's a great way to taste many different flavors and can definitely be shared between 2 people! My favorite flavor was the key lime pie. It tasted like the real thing!!

Where To Eat

        Coffee Shops & Brunch

When I think southern, the first thing that comes to mind is FRIED CHICKENNNNN. And when I say you gotta go here and have to order the Signature Fired Chicken biscuit with pimento cheese and pepper jam, it's a must! I was super sick this day and had swollen tonsils and still ate the whole freaking thing despite the pain cuz it was that good hahaha! Their cinnamon roll was also delicious for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The perfect spot for a morning coffee! There is very limited seating inside but they also have a terrace outside for you to sit down and enjoy your coffee!

The perfect little neighbourhood cafe where locals meet! They also have cocktails for their night time menu. A very cute spot to go to for a morning coffee outside the touristy portion of Charleston.

The highlight breakfast spot of the whole trip! This is literally house goals! The outside and inside of the restaurant is simply stunning. They focus on using only fresh locally sourced ingredients to offer a farm to table experience for their brunch & dinner menu. From looking at their website they seem to have temporarily stopped serving brunch but I am certain their dinner menu is just as delightful!

We discovered this place by just walking around and couldn't resist! They are open 7 days a week and it is the perfect spot for a breakfast and coffee! Their scone and jam is to die for!

         Dinner & Bars

Located on the rooftop of the Dewberry Hotel, this terrace offers stunning views of the whole city. They don't offer reservations so it's really on a first come, first serve basis. It is known as a chic cocktail bar so it is only for adults 21 and up and athletic apparel, swimsuits or beach cover-ups are not permitted. Their cocktails as well as food was delicious! 

Once again, another rooftop with a stunning view of Charleston! We didn't have a chance to try the food at this one but it's a great place to enjoy the sunset!

If you are looking to try out that classic southern bbq this is the spot for you! From their ribs to their cornbread, everything was delicious!

Another great spot for some southern comfort food in the city! Their thai seafood risotto was one of the best I've had! Definitely a great spot to have some seafood!

During our adventure at the beach, we were looking for a good spot for lunch and found this one! Not only do they have a beautiful terrace but the place is all decorated with beach house vibes and it was the perfect spot to complete our beach day adventure. From their cocktails to their flatbreads & pasta and to their dessert you definitely won't be disappointed.

Bon Appétit & Safe Travels!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

August 12, 2022