Copenhagen is the capital of Danemark, a city rich in history, design and architecture, magnificent and crisscrossed by canals. Danemark has one of the oldest monarchy in the world, incidentally, the royal family still own a residence downtown. But beyond that, the most remarkable thing is its population.The place reflect the happiness of its people! People who appreciate life in the simplest things: exercise (fervent cyclists and navigators), gastronomy (27 Michelin-starred restaurants) and arts in all is form...design, architecture. We decided to stay via Airbnb in an apartment located a few steps from Tivoli gardens. This central location allowed us to make several visits on foot, then through the acquisition of the Copenhagen card our travel expenses were covered.


As the city is crisscrossed by canals, one of the best orientation activities to do is a canal cruise.To do so, we chose the company " Hey Captain". The one-hour personalized tour takes place in a friendly atmosphere and in small group. Highly recommended!!

Since the royal family own a residence downtown, it's possible to do a tour. Likewise, you can observe the Danish Crown Jewels at Rosenborg castle and visit the beautiful adjacent park at the same time.

Another classic tour is the former commercial port of Nyvanh. Unmissable with its colorful façades and numerous boats, but on the other hand, its better not to linger for lunch because the place is very touristic and does not have the best restaurants!

Of course, when we talk about Copenhagen, we immediately think about design. It is therefore a pleasure to discover the Stroget, which is in the center of the pedestrian district where you will find many unique shops such as Illum Bolighus as well as many cafes.

Another commercial street which is worth visiting is Jaegersborggade, near Hans Christian Andersen cimetery that can be visited at the same time. It is full of beautiful cafes and artisans stores.

A visit to Copenhagen is not complete without a tour of Tivoli Gardens!! An historic site (1843) in the hearth of downtown. An evening stroll in the illuminated gardens is not to be missed!!

There are several attractions close to the city and accessible by train. We decided to visit Kronborg Castle in Helsingor, as well as the Viking Ships Museum in Roskilde.

As gastronomy is part of the everyday life of the inhabitants, Copenhagen is a paradise for foodies!!! So here are some of our favorites foodies spots:

Cafe and lunch:

- Torvehallerne, gourmet market, 21 Frederiksborggade, 10-19 Monday to Wednesday, 10-20 Friday, 10-18 Saturday and 11-17 Sunday.

- Andersen & Maillard, 62 Norrebroggade, from 7-19 everyday....for the incredible "chocolatine"!!

- Moller Kaffe & Kokken, 160 Norrebroggade, 9-16 everyday....excellent breakfast!

- Mirabelle, 29 Guldbersgade, 7 to 21:30 everyday.

- Juno the Bakery, 48 Arthusgade, 7:30 to 18:00 Wednesday-Saturday and 9 to 15 on Sunday!!!! An absolute MUST!!!! CARDAMOM BUNS INCREDIBLE!!!

- Leckerbaer, 118 Ryesgade, 10-17:30, close Sunday and Monday. Danish version of Patrice Demers!!!

- The Corner at 108, 108 Strandgade, 8 to midnight week days, 9 to midnight on week-end. Lunch in the bistro version of the one Michelin-starred restaurant!

- Lakrids, Tivoli-Illum food court. MUST!!!! Finest licorice in the world!!!

Evening meal:

- Barr, 93 Strandgade, 16 to midnight Monday-Thursday, noon to midnight on week-end. EXCELLENT!!!

- Baest, 29 Guldbergsgade, 17 to 23 Monday-Wednesday, more lunch from Thursday-Sunday.

Until next time, Happy Travel!!!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

January 17, 2020