Day Trip Outside The City: Day In Hudson

After realizing how easier than expected it was to do day trips with Frank, I decided to make a new guide for a personal favorite of mine, Hudson! Located less than an hour away from Montreal, it's such a cute spot to go to for a day outside the city! 

Of course we start off our day with a coffee. In Hudson, there is the cutest coffee shop located on the main street called Mikko Espresso Boutique. They offer a variety of treats and coffee as well as selling Quebec made products.

Near by Mikko there is a park called Jack Layton and it is probably my favorite park ever! It is simply beautiful and the perfect spot to either drink the coffee you just picked up or to simply sit down and relax with your pup for an hour or two. For those who have been following me for a while, it is the location where I shot the end of summer picnic last year! You can do beautiful picnics at sunset here, which is definitely what I would recommend doing for those who aren't as comfortable going to restaurants with their dog.

Now, time for lunch! I recently discovered l'Auberge Willow Inn, a stunning location about 5 mins away from the Main Street of Hudson! It is simply the perfect spot for pictures! We decided to go at lunch time on the patio to enjoy the stunning view. Their patio also accepts dogs so it's perfect for all pet owners!

For Lunch we decided to try out the Tomato Bacon Sandwich, the Fried Newfoundland Cod and the Willow Garden Cesar Salad. We also had their Sangria for drinks! The Salad and Sandwich were definitely our top picks. The ingredients are taken straight out of the garden and so it was so fresh! Definitely wish we had also taken the Seasonal Greens plate!

Tomato And Bacon Sandwich

For the perfect afternoon, you can go spend some time at La Belle de Coteau-du-Lac, a beautiful farm located 25 minutes away from Hudson. Starting August 20th, they will be having a sunflower festival where you can reserve a spot to take pictures in their beautiful field! One of the things this farm offers that I found super cool is the opportunity to book the farm for private photoshoots. If you are planning to go during the week or want to be somewhat alone in the field I would definitely recommend checking this out! 

Even though we opted to go back home to eat dinner, a great place to go if you want to stay in Hudson for dinner is definitely Furley.

Safe Travels & Bon Appétit!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

August 13, 2021