February Trip to Florida: what to do in Miami

When I went to Miami last February, I got the chance to explore beautiful places, stay in a beautiful resort and just got to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. Even though Miami Beach can be a crazy place, there are so many peaceful and wonderful places to visit and that's really what I wanted to highlight in this article!


Let's start with packing! I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with a local boutique on multiple different looks for the trip! If you love one of the outfits from the store be sure to check her boutique out at https://www.boutiquelaraffinerie.com/

If you are planning on going to Miami on some point my biggest advice would be: pack light. You'll end wearing minimal clothes because of how hot it can be but, in the evening it's nice to bring a vest or something cozy has it can get a bit chilly with the breeze coming from the beach.

Where To Stay

I have been a couple times in Miami but never really like the hotel I was staying at but this time I fell in love with the hotel we were at!! Even though the room are very small, the pool, the beach access and the location makes it all worth it. I stayed at the Plymouth Hotel (https://www.theplymouth.com/), a super cute retro hotel located in the heart of South Beach.

***wearing La Raffinerie

Where to eat

Now for the important question... where to eat? Although there are tones of places that are amazing, I decided to highlight my favorites which happen to mostly be brunch places since it's my favorite meal haha!

  • Miam Cafe, Wynwood. (2750 NW 3rd Ave Suite 21)

Their food, the aesthetic and the service. Honestly nothing but positive things to say about this place. If you go get the strawberry & goat cheese croissant and thank me later!!!

Wynwood in general is such a beautiful and unique neighborhood that is definitely worth exploring! 

MIAM storefront in Wynwood.
  • Zak The Baker, Wynwood. (295 NW 26th St)

One of the most aesthetic spots in Wynwood and definitely one you cannot miss for amazing baked goods and good coffee.

**wearing La Raffinerie
  • The Salty Donut (one South Miami and one Wynwood location)

If your a fan of donut... this is for you! From flavors of maple bacon to dragon & passion fruit you will definitely not be disappointed by their flavors but maybe by their waiting line! This is such a popular spot that you may wanna go early rather than during peak hours. We got a box of four different flavors and brought them back to our hotel to enjoy!

  • Pura Vida Cafe (multiple locations all around Miami)

Definitely one of my go to spots whenever I'm in Miami! A healthy yet delicious breakfast spot that has such tropical vibes!

  • Time Out Miami (1601 Drexel Ave)

I went in Lisboa, went in Montreal and now in Miami and always love this concept! It's the perfect way to experience local spots people from there love, all in one room! Always worth it!

  • Yardbird (1600 Lenox Ave)

Worth allll the calories... I sometimes still dream of that chicken & waffle, that mac & cheese and that watermelon mojito. Best dinner I had in Miami by FAR! And yes I did eat chicken and waffle for dinner and yes you should to.

  • Plnthouse, One Hotel (2341 Collins Ave 6th floor)

Probably the best restaurant with a view you could get. One hotel is definitely on my favorite hotel list wherever I go and I love this location as well. Their terrace is often packed but if you get the chance to sit by the ocean, the view it's definitely worth every penny. Although there is other option of seaside lunch spot such as Malibu Farm, Plnthouse is by far better and pretty much in the same price range if not cheaper!!

Et Voilà! Hope this helped you out if you ever planning on going to Miami!

Safe travels!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

July 30, 2020