Farm to Table: Foxy

Foxy is a restaurant that opened in December of 2016, in Griffintown. The idea of opening this trendy spot came from Eric Girard and Dyan Solomon who initially opened the famous Olive & Gourmando in old Montreal. They decided to open this new spot that specializes in farm to table inspired dishes for an elegant diner in Montreal. The idea for the name Foxy come from the owner's dog.

As mentionned previously, it is located in Griffintown, more specifally, at 1638 Notre-Dame West. The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 5:30 pm to 11 pm. We recommend you do a reservation to enjoy your experience at Foxy since it is a small restaurant. The restaurant does not have the best brightness, so please excuse the quality of our pictures. The principle of the restaurant is to choose a multitude of small plates in order to share with your party. The menu is inspired by the ingredients that are in season and therefore, is changing often. This is the curent menu: http://foxy.restaurant/fr/menus. But, when we went they were a little more choices than presented online. As for cocktails and wines, the cocktail list is filled with interesting and tasty drinks but the wine list is not the most interesting I have seen for the quality and overall price of the restaurant.

This being said, as a group of 4, we decided to share the following plates: seasonal flatbread, cashew hummus, homemade feta, grilled nagano pork chop, homemade ricotta cavatelli and roasted cockerel. Our favorite dish of all was the homemade feta because of the texture of the cheese which was perfect with the peaches and cucumbers and made the dish unique and flavorful. There wasn't a dish we didn't like, we would all order the same thing if we went again.

From left to right: Cockerel, Cavatelli, Porc chops
From top to bottom: homemade feta, (middle left) cashew hummus, (middle right) flat bread, shrimp.

As for desserts, I have a huge sweet tooth!! Therefore, we decided to share two desserts all together. We share the apple pie and the pot de creme. The pot de creme is extremely rich so if you don't have the biggest sweet tooth I wouldn't recommend you get this dessert.

Top: Apple pie, Bottom: pot de creme

Of course, this is an expensive restaurant. Therefore, we recommend you go for a special occasion with people you cherish. Still, we think that it is very worth the stop! If you like Dyan Solomon's creation be sure to check out my post all about Un Po Di Piu: http://lerefuge.webflow.io/post/breakfast-at-un-po-di-piu

Bon appétit!!!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

January 19, 2020