Girl's Day Brunch: Chez Régine Café

Régine Café is a well known brunch spot in Montreal located at 1840 Rue Beaubien Est, Montréal, QC. Their idea is to treat every customer like a cool aunt would. So the one that always welcomes you with joy, cook from the heart and never let's you leave on an empty stomach.  The restaurant is very much appreciated by all, in fact, on weekends, wait time can go up to 1 hour and a half during the summer time. Although waiting in line for more than an hour for brunch may sound ridiculous, the food is worth the wait. Also, when these kinds of line happen they often offer drinks and sometimes small bites to make it more enjoyable. A good tip to skip the line during week days, you can call in and reserve a couple of days in advance (can't reserve on the same day). There phone number is: (514) 903-0676. Another fun little thing they do is upon you arrival, they offer you a shot of their daily juice which is always different and uses different fruits, vegetables and spices.

As for the food, Régine Café offers many different style of brunches with healthier options. My top picks are the oatmeal, the grilled cheese and the french toast. Here is the full menu: http://www.reginecafe.ca/fr/brunch-chez-regine-cafe/. They also offer many drinks, my favorite is the mokaccino which comes with a huge homemade marshmallow on top.

3 top dishes

Keep in mind that the portions of each dish is quite big and can easily be shared if you do have a small appetite. If you don't want to share of course, there are side dish options that could be combined to create your own breakfast, such as the crumpets which are sooooo good with there homemade Nutella, the toast and homemade peanut butter, the cinnamon roll, the fruits plate...

Cinnamon roll

Being such a popular spot, they have now decided to open a second location called Janine Cafe since there can only be one Régine. It will officially open on November 26th, 2018 at 3900 Rue Wellington, in Verdun. The menu of this new restaurant won't be very different from Régine, but with little difference to assure it is not the same. Here is their menu: http://www.reginecafe.ca/fr/brunch-janine-cafe/.

Stay tuned for the article about Janine Cafe!!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

January 19, 2020