London, UK Trip: Where to Stay, Grab a Coffee & Brunch

A few months ago I left to explore London, UK once again after the pandemic. A lot has changed in the past few years so it was a great opportunity to discover new and fun places!

Where to Stay

With London being so expensive we decide to get an apartment to help us reduce expenses for food! I found Nell Gwynn Apartment online and couldn't recommend it more. The space was super clean, the location was perfect and the neighborhood was super safe. It was a 7 minute walk to the closest tube station and about a 35 minute walk from downtown. As well, they always have people present at the front desk so it really makes you feel safe.

Where to Eat

coffee shops and Brunch
  • Kitsuné

My favorite coffee shop in New York and now in London as well! The perfect spot for a quiet breakfast in the same neighborhood as the apartment complex. They also have cute shop section where you can get all the Kitsuné goodies.

  • Buvette

Located in Nothing Hill, this is the classic parisian style cafe. They have all the necessities for a yummy breakfast from full plates to small pastries which are all showcased at the entrance of the restaurant.

  • Monocle Café

I have been looking at photos of this cafe for the past years, dreaming about the day where I could finally go! They had a variety of swedish buns when I went and they were super yummy, and definitely a must try if you are there!

  • Boxcar Baker & Deli

My favorite breakfast spot we went to during our trip. It gave major New York City vibes and was the best bang for your buck. The whole plate with a croissant, eggs, tomatoes and bacon was 9.50 pounds! It does get busy pretty quick so be sure to go early! 

  • Biscuiteers

If you are looking for a cute gift to bring back home from your trip, this cookie shop located in Nothing Hill super close to Buvette is a must stop! They had a stunning collection of cookies that were perfect for gifts and showcased all the best "London Things" like these guards and phone booth!

  • WatchHouse

Located super close to Covent Garden, this cafe is as busy as it gets (this picture was take 5 mins before they close which explains why there is no one left outside + it was so cold that day). Although it is very busy, I went a few times throughout the trip and always got a spot within 5-10 mins so don't be too disappointed if there is no room when you get there and just be patient.

  • Peggy Porschen Cakes

The most instagrammable cafe in London! Not the classic spot for a breakfast but a very cute spot for a coffee with a treat. They have so many different cupcakes and cakes to choose from and they are all so pretty! If you wish to go and grab pictures, be sure to go early because it is known to have a line!

  • Hide

This was my choice of restaurant for my birthday breakfast and wow it was such a good choice! I wanted something a bit fancier than just a regular coffee shop and opted for this stunning place. The service first and foremost was the most incredible service we had throughout the whole trip. Like a server walked me up the stairs to take a photo & told me all about the concept behind the staircase kind of incredible. The food was also incredible. Of course, being a high end restaurant it comes at a price but I felt like it was really worth it and you get to experience the five star restaurant without having to pay for their dinner service!

  • Where's Fred

Another cute discovery I made while looking at London Bloggers. It is very hidden away so not a lot of tourist go here but is still located in the heart of London. A great spot for breakfast or for drinks!

  • Egg Break

A very busy but very yummy café located in Nothing Hill. We waited around 45mins to be seated as it is a first come, first serve experience but it was worth the wait! Of course everything on the menu is based around eggs so if you are an egg fan this is the place for you!

  • Afternoon Tea at Aqua Shard

My birthday gift from my mom. All I have to say is WOW. I was so sad when we arrived as they placed us in the back with no view for our tea experience but luckily we got changed to a front row seat when we received our Neverland boat! So beware you may not have a good seat if you choose to do this experience. However it is the most stunning afternoon tea I have ever experienced and the food was just as good as it looks!

Safe Travels & Bon Appetit!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

October 3, 2022