Machiavelli: The Perfect place for Brunch, Lunch, Dinner & even for picnics

What if I told you I had found the perfect restaurant for brunch, lunch, dinner & for your next picnic? 

Machiavelli located at 2601 rue du Centre is specializing in fresh market cuisine, offer innovative yet traditional recipes and flavors. One of my favorite dishes from them is their gnocchis which are filled with tomato & cheese giving an original twist on classic flavors. Their schedule is open Wednesday to Friday: 5pm - 9pm, Saturday and Sunday: Brunch and picnics 11am - 4pm; Dinner 6pm - 9pm and closed Monday and Tuesday. With Covid 19 being still a reality, be sure to make a reservation https://www.machiavelli.ca/#reservations-en .

Let's start off with brunch. One of my favorite meal of the week and definitely one you don't want to miss at Machiavelli. We had the opportunity to try out multiple dishes from their brunch menu and all of them were amazing! From the smoothie of the day to the croque-monsieur and eggs benedict to the roasted potatoes, everything was so fresh and flavorful. Definitely worth the trip!!

As well, they have a lovely terrace located in their courtyard which gave me major Alice in Wonderland Vibes. With a lot of tables as well as lovely greenery, their terrace is a must before summer ends wether it's for brunch or dinner.

Smoothie of the Day

Not only did we get to try their brunch but we also had the opportunity to try out their famous gnocchis and they definitely lived up to my expectations! We will definitely go back to try other dishes from their dinner menu!

Finally, this summer has definitely been an eye opener as for our love of picnics. The current pandemic restrictions and the wonderful summer weather have create perfect condition which lead to the effervescence of picnics. Machiavelli has definitely followed this trend by creating their own picnic menu available for pick up directly at the restaurant. They offer either picnic baskets which include a meal for 2 (appetizer, entree, dessert) perfect for a romantic date (in which you can get their gnocchis hehe!!) or picnic boxes perfect for your next party. We had the chance to try out a bit of both and neither disappointed. Both the Vegetarian (dips & veggies with salsa & chips) and the Quebecoise (cheese and charcuterie) had fresh & original flavors that can't be found in other picnic meals I've tried. Plus their brownies are definitely a must, trust me. Their picnics definitely make for a night to remember!

Bonne Appétit!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

September 5, 2020