Montreal Cereal Bar: Barley

Barley is a unique cereal bar located in the neighborhood of Petite-Bourgogne, Griffintown in Montréal (2613 Notre-Dame W). They serve everything cereal related including cereal milk lattes and cereal milk ice cream (during the summer) plus other healthy meals. It's esthetic is as unique as the concept itself. Very instagramable! The store with it's industrial look is very eye catching and appealing even without any food in the picture.

As well as being very welcoming, this place is dog friendly. So, you can go enjoy your breakfast or lunch with your furry friend without worrying about the fact that he's looking at you through the window from outside! During the summer, there's also a section outside with picnic tables where you can go to enjoy the nice weather while you can. With more than 70 seats, Barley is a great spot to be productive and work while drinking your coffee.

Even though we went to a cereal bar, we didn't decide to eat any cereal, haha!! We took two different toasts which were amazing. Furthermore, we went during pride month and Barley decided to participate by making a limited edition pride art latte which of course I decided to take (anything for Instagram, right!!). Obviously, the variety of cereal is great and you can choose whichever milk you prefer and that's also the case for the coffees. There order method is particular as well. In fact, you order and pay at the counter, as you would in most of the coffee shop. Afterward, they give you a number that you bring to your table where they will bring your order when ready. So, no wait at all!

Top to bottom: Toast chlorophyll, latte "pride" and Toast with almond butter, bananas and homemade jam.
Latte "pride" limited edition


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

January 19, 2020