New Janine Café

If you don't already know Régine, head out to my recent blog post to learn about that first, since the rest of this post will be a continuation of the story:


After Regine comes Janine, the second coolest aunt you will ever meet. Compared to Regine, I would say it's the improved version to be honest. The menu isn't that different, the name of the plates remain the same but sometimes the ingredients in the plates are different. For example, the grilled cheese and the gros jambon are the same as Regine. But the Doré, has bananas and pacanes in it & the waffles are served with fried chicken. This is the menu: http://www.reginecafe.ca/fr/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Menu_hiver_2018_JANINE_medium.png. We decided to share the a little bit of everything, which is twenty dollars and can honestly be shared by 2 individuals. I also tried the hot chocolate for the first time which was so good. We both loved the sharing plate, our favorite part was the scone which was a thym, almond and orange flavor. On the sharing plate, you will also have fruits (a limited amount), brioche bread, peanut crunch, homemade Nutella, burnt yogourt & regular toast.

I would recommend making a reservation if you decide to go during the week because we went in the first couple of days of opening and at 11 am there was an hour wait. For now, you can only make a reservation by phone. If you decide to go during the weekends, you must go early because the wait will be even longer than week days. It is located at 3900 Rue Wellington in Verdun, close the the metro station de l'église.

Happy Eating!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

January 19, 2020