Toronto and Prince Edward County Road Trip

There's nothing better than a fall road trip to Toronto and Prince Edward County! Although I often go to Toronto, I went to so many new coffee shops and brunch spots that I had to create a new blog post for it! As well, it was actually my first time visiting PEC and it was the cutest spot ever! It is definitely worth going for a day during a weekend in Toronto.


We'll start our list off with new places I tried (and some favorites I've previously mentioned in other blog posts) in Toronto!

Coffee Shops and Brunch Spots

Truly the highlight of my weekend! I have been to Toronto so many times and had never even heard of this place before looking up where to brunch in Toronto for this trip... The location is stunning with all the greenery and open concept with all the windows. As well, the staff were the nicest people ever! And the food.... BOMB!!!! BEST PANCAKES I'VE EVER HAD! They also had plenty of sweet and savory pastries we didn't get to try! I will definitely be back!

Truly the most classic of brunch spots in Toronto. If you want a good filling brunch, this is the spot for you! Their portions are super generous and very filling! They are best known for their flapjacks aka pancakes but I personally LOVE their chicken and waffle. They had special fall pancakes with and apple topping and it was so good also!

This Korean inspired cafe is a must stop for all Dalgona coffee lovers! Although I am not the biggest fan of sweet coffee myself, I have to say I was quite surprised by the balance of their Dalgona Latte! If you like the real Dalgona, definitely give it a try! Also, for all the squid game lovers out there, they were selling coffee beans with a squid game reference on it and people we're coming in just to buy it haha!

For the latte art lovers, this one is for you! This cute coffee shop is known for their rainbow latte art and now we know why! Not only can they make a regular latte look so nice but it is good also! Worth it for both the picture and the coffee itself!

At this point do I really need to give an explanation? Ever since I discovered Le Beau last year, I have been hooked. I bring and tell everyone to go here for the best croissant they have ever had, and I still stand by this statement. They are simply the best!

I had been recommended this spot so many times and this is the first time I actually tried it out! Overall, I think it is a bit overrated but some items are definitely worth going to try out like this little Fritelle (yes again, just another word for pancake haha). The lemon mascarpone was so delicious and the pancake was so fluffy! Also, we did go to the restaurant after non stop eating for the past 2 days so that may have negatively influenced my opinion on the restaurant! I'll have to try it on an empty stomach and give out my final verdict!

Dinner Spots & Bars

One of my favorites for Spanish tapas in Toronto. Their paellas are a classic and we had the Croquetas de Setas (mushroom) which were incredible! The only issue is that their service is quite slow, so be sure you have plenty of time to enjoy your meal and no specific plans for after!

A staple for the Italian Food Lovers! Both a grocery story and restaurant (they have multiple restaurants inside), I've talked about Eataly so many times I would be surprised you aren't aware of what it is! Makes me miss Italy even more but at least I can have some real, fresh parmesan cheese in the meantime haha!!

A MUST! Worth every penny! Hands down the coolest bar I've ever been too! If you are bringing friends, make sure they don't know the concept when they go because it'll make the experience even better. They serve these crazy immersive cocktails which always includes a specific concept relating to the name of the drink and an edible element! For example, this was the Sailor’s Mojito (Pronounced acidity rounded with sweet vanilla. One of the most popular and a great introduction to Modernist cocktails) with spiced rum, fresh lime, muddled mint, lime and vanilla air, cryo mojito pearls, coconut gel, beach essence.. It was smoking for a good 5 minutes haha! Really cool!


As it was my first time, I really had no idea which area was the best to stay in. In the end, we opted to stay in Wellington and I couldn't recommend it more. Just by the water, it is such a relaxing and peaceful area.

Where We Stayed

This Boutique Hotel has two portions: Devonshire and Motor Inn. Both buildings have rooms and are located at a 2 minute walking distance. We stayed in the Motor Inn and we loved it! It gives off hostel vibes as it is in a house with a common kitchen, fire pit and game room but every guest has their own locked room and bathroom. As well, you have access to all the other games (such as ping pong tables) in the other "main" building by the water! The room itself is beautiful but if you are coming with friends or family, everyone is able to see the person in the shower haha!

Coffee shops and Brunch Spots

This little italian coffee shop located only a couple buildings from the Motor Inn is a must stop in Wellington. It's beautiful store window is the perfect spot for pictures and their coffee and treats are definitely worth the trip!

The main spot for brunch in town! This is the spot where you can get a classic brunch meal while enjoying the beautiful view of the water.

On our way back home, we stopped by Picton as we wanted to check out the popular June Motel. The town itself is so cute and has multiple stores that are worth the trip as well as this coffee shop. If you can, definitely stop by Picton for some coffee and a little local shopping session.

Dinner Spots & Bars

Located in front of the Devonshire and Motor Inn, this Japanese whisky bar was soooo good! Unfortunately for us, the night we went they had an issue and were only able to to take out so we didn't get to experience the vibe of the bar but we got to bring the food back to our room and I would definitely recommend trying them out! Also, do take their white wine sake sangria... it's bomb!

The definition of drinks with a view! Their stunning location by the water offers stunning views especially during sunset. Not only this but with the weather getting a bit more chilly, they have warm whisky apple cider available as well as fire pits that they open up at night.

Winery Day Tour

We started off our day at this beautiful winery. They offer tastings of 4 of their different wines as well as some of their more refined wines and are open every day from 11am. It is a beautiful spot to take photos and enjoy some wine with your friends.

For lunch time, we opted for this cool patio/food truck thing. Located right behind the Grange of Prince Edwards, Old Salt Cocktail is a mobile cocktail bar that offers different drinks as well as hot dogs. Not only this but they also offer a vegan beyond meat hot dog! We tried the Huli Huli, the Pitmaster (spicy) as well as the Pic Mac and they were all delicious.

Afterwards, we were honestly freezing and opted for coffee instead of continuing with our winery adventures! However, if you wish to plan a full day of drinking, here are the other wineries I had identified:

  • Trail Estate Winery,
  • The Old Third Vineyard,
  • Huff Estates Winery and Inn

Bon Appetit & Safe Travels!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

October 28, 2021