Toronto Trip

On my most recent trip to Toronto, I discovered so many amazing places that I had never tried and seen before. I've decided to share these discoveries and some of my favorite place in this blog post.

Coffee Shops, Brunch & Dinner Spots

  • Le Beau Lab

Le beau lab is a bakery that specializes in croissants and also offers a variety of other treats and pastries. Located at 665 Dundas St E, it is definitely a hidden gem that locals LOVE! We waited around 20 minutes for our coffees and pastries but it was 100% worth the wait. One of my favorites discoveries from this trip.

  • Cluny

Located in the Distillery District, Cluny has to be one of the most beautiful restaurants I've seen. The french vibes made me want to go back to Europe. The Distillery District being a" must see" whenever in Toronto, you will definitely pass by this spot and trust me you want to sit down grab a cup of coffee, a little dessert and just enjoy the European feels for a little while.

  • Eataly Toronto

For all my Italian food lovers out there!! I literally screamed when I saw the Eataly sign while walking through Yorkville. One of my favorite spots to go to in New York! It's a spot where you can do your groceries, eat, grab a coffee, learn to cook... AKA just where you can get the best Italian products!

  • Café Cancan

Cancan is a beautiful spot located at 89 Harbord Street, perfect for your morning coffee or your weekend brunch! Their baked goods are definitely worth it! As well, it is probably one of the most beautiful interiors I've seen! Very girly and colorful, it's definitely the perfect spot for your next meal with your friends!

  • Maman

We already know that I go to Maman almost everyday in Montreal, so it's definitely a mandatory spot for me even in Toronto! The pastries, the coffee and the decor makes for a perfect way to start any day!

  • Kost

Probably the nicest view from a terrace you'll get in Toronto! Kost offers a quick escape to the Californian coastline while enjoying your meal with a view on the CN tower, a popular attraction in Toronto. It's definitely more of a "jetset" vibe than cozy family meal, so if your looking for somewhere more relaxing this is probably not the spot for you!

  • Palma

MY FAVORITE SPOT IN TORONTO!!! I know I've said that a couple of times but this is the one place where I must go every time I'm in Toronto! That 100 layers lasagna is soo good! Honestly everything from the drinks, to the food, to dessert and the service is always perfect! The place itself is beautiful and they also opened the lounge, Casa La Palma on the second floor. Reservations would be required for this one, Covid or not!

Fun Activities to do

  • Touch Massage Bar

Just recently opened this year, Touch Massage Bar is the spot to pamper yourself. They offer seated massages as well as a wellness coffee bar. The great thing about it is that you can come in for a quick coffee, have a quick 25 minutes massage or come and relax fully with a 80 minutes massage. You can even come with your friends and enjoy the experience together!

  • Picnic by the water

I had never stayed close to the waterside before in Toronto, and I have to say it definitely made my experience totally different! I usually stay downtown and would have to walk 40 minutes to go near the water but staying at Le Germain definitely changed my idea of how fast-paced Toronto is! One of the coolest things we did is grab food at Eataly during the day and then went by the water to enjoy our cheeseboard and focaccia while watching the sunset!

  • Distillery District

A must do in Toronto! Definitely a spot I wish we had in Montreal and I always go back to this spot when in Toronto. I love the historic yet European vibes we experience at the Distillery. It's a spot filled with little shops and beautiful restaurants like Cluny! I can't recommend this place enough. And if you ever get the chance to go during the holiday season, their Christmas market is the closest thing we can get to a European one!

  • Sugar Beach
  • Visit a winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake

For all you wine lovers out there, this is the activity for you! About an hour away from the city is the beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake region, which has lovely vineyards to explore. We decided to go to Jackson Triggs to do a wine tasting but there are so many places to choose from. As well, some people decided to do a wine tour which includes stops at multiple different places!

  • Stay at Niagara-on-the-lake for a night

If you like the city but also like to relax a little bit on vacation, taking a day or two away from Toronto to stay in Niagara-on-the-lake will definitely be your cup of tea. We decided to stay at the Inn On The Twenty and I fell in love with this little town (or should I say street haha). It definitely gives honeymoon vibes with their spa, cozy room with fireplace and three course meal on the patio but who doesn't love a little relaxing!

Bon Appétit & Safe Travels!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

October 15, 2020