Valentines Day At Home

Valentine's Day is celebrated by more than 48% of Canadians all around Quebec. Why not try and make it easy for everyone to celebrate but instead of going to a fancy restaurant, why not bring the restaurant at home? In this article I will be sharing with you 4 places where you can get your breakfast, diner and dessert to share with your loved ones!

First of all, breakfast. A good breakfast is always an essential to a good day! So a cute and romantic breakfast would make for a lovely day! Right? The cutest, best and most romantic breakfast that you can grab the day before and bring back are these heart shape canneles from l'Amour du Pain. Nothing better than this sweet treat with a good coffee in the Morning!

Afterwards, since most people work and either bring a lunch or go out during lunch break I decided to go straight to diner! I went to the Atwater market earlier this week and found a cute fresh pasta shop called Pasta D'ici. I found heart shaped raviolis perfect for Valentine's Day. They also sell other types of pastas, a variety of tomato sauces and small cheese fondus perfect as appetizers if you have a bigger appetite. Of course, the heart shaped pasta are a little more expensive than regular raviolis but I still found them perfect for a romantic evening.

Now the best for last, desserts. Nothing says Valentine's day like chocolate anything that is why I chose these two chocolate goodies. First, these limited edition chocolate & raspberry cupcakes from Ricardo Cafe are not only instagramable but delicious as well! He also has a Valentine's Day cake offered although reservations 48h in advance are required! And last but finally not least, something I'm sure most of you know about are the famous Juliette et Chocolat! They came out with a variety of products especially for Valentine's Day such as this little chocolate bear and chocolate strawberries. Of course you can always go for the classic brownies to bring back home but sometimes it's fun to switch things up!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little Valentine's Day Products Guide!

Happy Valentines Day! And Happy Cooking


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

January 21, 2020