Vegan Restaurant: Bistro Tendresse

Located in the Village (1259 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, Qc. Canada), this new vegan spot is open 7 days a week (from 10 am to 10 pm) serving brunch, lunch and dinner. I went there for dinner a couple of weeks ago and had to share my experience! Honestly, the best vegan restaurant I have tried so far in Montreal!

The interior is perfect for Instagram! Colorful, full of light and beautiful, minimalist design! For anyone who lives in Montreal, the Village might not be the first option when you think of a fine dinning experience, but this one is worth the stop!


Let's start of with drinks. All the wines that are served at Bistro Tendresse are actually privately imported! The list inspires curiosity and discovery while respecting their vegan and biologic image!

White wine and a cucumber cocktail

And now for the food!! 

We started off with 3 different appetizers from the menu:

  1. Papaya salad: Green papaya, carrots in julienne, onion, ginger, coriander, peanuts. Which was 8$
  2. Bok choy: Garlic, ginger, sesame, tamari. Which was 8$
  3. Broccoli bang-bang: Broccoli florets fried (6), chili sauce & agave syrup. Which was 9$

If I had to choose only one, without a doubt the Broccoli Bang-Bang! Honestly, I've hated broccoli since I can remember, yet I could eat these everyday! THE SAUCE is insane, we had to order more on the side! A must when trying out this restaurant!

As for main dishes we shared:

  1. Israeli couscous: Roasted cauliflower, red grapes, arugula, crisps of soy, fresh herbs, citrus vinaigrette. Which was 15$
  1. Mushroom waffle: Mushrooms, truffle oil, radish-cucumber-pepper remoulade, dill, mint, coriander, parsley, maple mayo and balsamic reduction. Which was 17$

These are pretty generous portions in my opinion and I would recommend using the sharing method more then taking only one dish, that way you can taste different flavours/dishes from the menu!

Mushroom Waffle
Israeli Couscous

Finally, DESSERT! We shared the dates & puffed rice homemade Snickers bar which is also gluten free (8$) but we decided to try out the Mushup coffee, which is a vegan coffee made with medicinal mushrooms (@mushup_coffee on instagram). So original!! Let me know if you guys like it!

Mushup Coffee and the Snickers bar

Overall such an amazing experience! This has really changed my opinion on vegan restaurants! I was very impressed with the quality of the ingredients and the yumminess of the food!

Happy Eating!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

January 19, 2020