Weekend away from the city: Relaxing Hudson Getaway

Ever since I have discovered Hudson last summer I have fell in love with this place and always want to go back and explore. Located about 50 minutes away from the city it is the perfect place to escape crowds and relax. Here are all my favorite things to do or that I will do during my next visit in Hudson, perfect for planning a little weekend getaway!

Where to Stay

I found the cutest and pinkest bed and breakfast in Hudson. It is honestly such a stunning hotel with a lovely victorian style. The boutique hotel opened earlier this year. We stayed in the George Sand suite which is such a cute and colorful room. It is located on the second floor of the building so be sure to be comfortable with walking up the stairs with your luggage if you are booking this room specifically.

Whenever you are booking, you have the possibility to either simply book the room or book their bed and breakfast package which includes the breakfast and gratuity. The space is so pretty and so honestly the breakfast is definitely worth it! They also have so many books in their library you can choose from to read during your stay.

They have a master confectioner that makes all the jams for them and it makes their breakfast experience so much more incredible! We got to try four of them and they were all soooo yummy! This was their parisian breakfast which includes coffee or tea with french baguette and croissants but you can also get The Gourmet which includes the above, seasonal fruits and other delicacies. Simply be sure to mention your pick at the front desk the night before!

The lobby and outdoor terrace is also a great spot for an Apéro at night! With the french music and cute decor it makes a for a perfect date night and it almost feels like you are transported back to Europe! We got a glass of wine, a gin tonic and their platter of fine cheese which consists of an assortment of local and fine imported cheeses, served homemade figs jam, nuts, breads and french baguette.

Overall we had such a lovely stay and will definitely be going again! It's the perfect place to unwind and get away from the city!

Where to Eat & Grab a Coffee

Ever since discovering Hudson this has been my go to spot. I remember they use to only have their shop in the back but now they have the Furley Butchershop and Bakery in the front as well as Petit Furley which is their restaurant in the back. This is a must go to whenever in Hudson. It was my first time trying out their restaurant and it definitely did not disappoint! 

Their butchershop and bakery sells anything and everything you would need for a picnic at the beach to a treat and coffee. We got their cinnamon roll as a snack and it was so yummy!

I tried out the Lunch menu of the restaurant during my stay and everything tasted so fresh. That burrata was one of the best burrata I've ever had! We also got their tacos of the week, their muffuletta sandwich and their patty melt which were all delightful. I will definitely need to go back to try out their night menu as well as some of their wines!

While walking around, we stumbled upon this cute boutique and coffee shop. Whether it's for a snack, lunch, coffee or just to shop around it's a very cute and relaxing spot. If you wish to be seated outside be sure to be there early as their are only 2 tables available!

My classic Thirdwave coffee shop in Hudson! My mom and I have been coming here everytime we are in Hudson! The coffee beans are actually roasted in the back of the coffee shop itself! They have such a lovely terrace at the front of their coffee shop with so much vegetation and it's a great spot to drink some coffee and take some sun! They also sell some artisanal goods but they have a much smaller selection than Juniper!

What to Do
  • Go to the Beach

The perfect way to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Located at a five minute drive from the Maison Rose, the beach is the ideal place to relax and take some sun.

  • Saturday Market

Furley host various markets on Saturdays throughout the summer whereby they have local farmers or artisan present and sell their products. This next Saturday, August 27th is Hudson Day and so they will be having their Furley Artisanal Market with also Liv Jewelry which is where I get pieces I wear on the daily!

As I mentioned on Instagram I recently discovered pottery and it has become one of my favorite activities to do! It is such a fun activity to do especially if you are on a little getaway!

My mom discovered Maria in another cooking class and told me she was so nice and so fun! Although I haven't had the chance yet to assist to one of her classes it is for sure to be a fun. and authentic Italian cooking experience and I can't wait to try it out myself!

Bon Appetit & Safe Travels!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

October 3, 2022