Weekend Away in Ontario: Toronto & PEC

I feel like at this point it has become a yearly tradition for me to head to Toronto and now PEC as well! Whether it's returning to some favorites or trying out new places, I wanted to share my trip and some must dos here!

Where to Stay

Ever since the 1 Hotel has opened in Toronto it has been my favorite place to go to whenever I'm in the city. This hotel offers the perfect luxurious & sustainable experience to all guest and it is always a fun experience. They have a stunning rooftop pool and it's just in the perfect location to walk around downtown Toronto!

For the first time I also went to the Toronto Islands to do some paddle boarding! I know summer is almost over but wow this was one of the coolest things I've tried out this summer! The view is simply stunning and it was fun to do an outdoor activity in the city! I finally got to take out my Maddle Board. Maddle is an inflatable paddle board that makes it super easy to explore. It took us around 10 minutes to inflate and we were ready to explore!

What to Eat

Le beau lab is a croissanterie that also offers a variety of other treats and pastries. Although it is located at 665 Dundas St E, a little bit outside downtown, it is definitely a hidden gem that locals LOVE! It was 100% worth the wait.

Discovery of the trip! This cute little french restaurant is great for breakfast, lunch & dinner! It is the perfect instagram spot for everyone. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 11pm, you are seated on a first come, first serve basis so no reservations required.

One of the only bar I know that serves immersive cocktails which always includes a specific concept relating to the name of the drink and an edible element! My favorite the Sailor’s Mojito with spiced rum, fresh lime, muddled mint, lime and vanilla air, cryo mojito pearls, coconut gel, beach essence..I love the dramatic smoke effect every time!!

Strawberry & Basil Spritz

Sailor Mojito

This is a great spot to grab a bite to eat on the spot or to make a picnic in the city! I love grabbing some of my favorite italian products as well as trying new ones and I never leave without a Nathalie's orange juice (yes, it's random but you'll thank me later!) I try and go on my last day so that I can bring some fresh italian goodies back home to make the trip last longer!!

A classic for me in Toronto! Anyone who's been following me for a while knows this is one of my favorite restos in Toronto! From their 100-layer lasagna to their fish to their flatbreads, it never dissapoints!

A must stop on the way back to Montreal! This is the cutest hotel located by the water in PEC and it has a super nice terrace in the back for food and drinks! The terrace is open until October 1st so be sure to go before September ends if you wish to try out the patio. They also have a pool which you can go to for a day for 30$ (plus 25$ deposit for a mandatory towel you must rent) which is super cool!

Bon Appetit & Safe Travels!


Megan Chartrand-Robichaud

October 3, 2022